Polylang plugin changes website font

Some time ago I came across with a problem. After I installed Polylang WordPress plugin I have noticed that font has been changed in second language and that change looked unpleasant.

It turned out that this was not a Polylang plugin issue, but rather an incompatible font. To put it short: because of default font incompatibility with the specific language the fallback font was used. In some cases there may be more weird results. For example you may find mixed fonts in single word when fallback font was used only for specific characters that were not present in the default font. Continue reading “Polylang plugin changes website font”

How to change fonts for “Twenty Sixteen” child theme

Here I will describe how to change fonts for “Twenty Sixteen” child theme in WordPress. This may be needed because of the default fonts incompatibility with the language that your website is using. Also this may solve issue when fonts have changed after installing Polylang plugin.

How “Twenty Sixteen” theme handles fonts

Theme font handling begins with loading the functions.php file in the function named twentysixteen_fonts_url() which returns valid Google fonts URL. This function is called along with other main CSS files and scripts when they are enqueued in twentysixteen_scripts() function and fired at “wp_enqueue_scripts” action hook. Then fonts are freely declared in the main CSS file. Continue reading “How to change fonts for “Twenty Sixteen” child theme”